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Paint It Green's Environmentally Friendly Products

We use Rodda Paint and Sherwin Williams line of green products to give our customers a superior finished product, while using materials that are neither harmful nor toxic to you and your family.

Our interiors are done without the use of "dry sanding"; eliminating dust accumulation in your home.


Hi, I'm Tim Coulter, the founder of Paint It Green. I was born in Springfield Missouri, in 1957. At 8 years old, I moved to Southern California and I lived there for nearly 40 years. In 1978 I began painting for a living. During the next 7 years I worked for various paint contractors doing residential and commercial painting. In 1985 I began working for the University of Redlands, this began my experience of really working with the public and learning to interact with different kinds of people. After 3 years there I began working at the Rialto Unified School district. This district was smaller with 27 schools. Here I furthered what I call my people education. In order to do your job and do it well you had to learn to be flexible and find ways to be able to do your job while working around kids and teachers.

I worked there for 8 years before moving to the San Bernardino School District. I moved because thee was more room for advancement in San Bernardino. There I became the Lead Painter, and held that position until my resignation to move to Idaho. There were 67 schools in the district along with 7 other administrative sites. Our paint shop was responsible for all of the interiors and exterior of each building. It was my job to oversee the crew while doing complete repaints of each site. We did all of the repair requests that were paint related and eliminated graffiti at each site. We had a 12-man crew and as you can imagine we were pretty busy.

No matter how much work we had to do I still had to think of the individual person or school that had requested a job to be done. No one wanted to hear that another job was a priority. I found a way to schedule everything, get it done and keep everyone satisfied. This was difficult at times but I learned about diplomacy. We had to do a job well, do it around 100's of kids at a time and get it done on time. I feel this was good experience for running my own business and taught me the value of working with people.

In 2005 my family and I came to Emmett Idaho to visit my sister's family. It was our 3rd visit and the final straw towards committing to leaving California and moving to Idaho. I worked for Adams Painting and Guy Shinn Painting before starting Paint It green in 2008. I decided I wanted to start my own business and I wanted to do it different. I have heard every complaint in regard to painting over the years of my paint career ... smell, dust and mess are the biggest. I feel with Paint It Green we have addressed each one of these issues and developed a paint process that is better for painters, environmentally sound and pro customer.

I am 51 years old and feel the best paint years are ahead of me. Paint It Green and myself look forward to serving the Treasure Valley.

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